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All products that you can find in edmsoundware shop, are genuine and created by pro soundesigner Lukas Jankowski.

I am or was cooperating with lot of various software producers.

In my portfolio You can find tons, literally hunderts of soundsets, daw projects, midi packs. Lot of really educational tutorial videos covering
almost all possible informations about creation, software, mix, mastering or other important things that are in varios edm genres. Here my focus
is to give as most possible informations with resoanable amount of time. In past I have run Trancetechnosoundbanks shop and, for few years
I have also been cooperating with other soundware shops. My knowdledge in everything what is connected with soundesign, promotion, music production,
music software is enough to say that I can call myself educated person in that matter.

Personnally I am listening to all kind of electronic music styles also the older onces from 70s and 80s. So infact is not a problem for me to make
Spacesynth/Synthpop on theone hand and for exmple Modern UK Hard Trance on the other. Stay in my shop for a longer time and explore, tremendous freeware and Bonus
areas. Lot of freestuff is waiting there for You in the same quality as payware products. Creating account is free, all freeware is free.
Bounus area is reachable when buying at least 5 products and Bonus forum area when You write positive opinion at whatever kind of forum.

Don't hestitate and explore all those funtastic products that I have prapared for all of You. It took sometimes lot of time to deliver good stuff.
All kind of electronic producers and not only, should find bunch of very interesting stuff. With all those things You can push Your musicproduction
really forward.

My soundesign acheviement is quite large. As You cann see in shop theres lot already and still lot to come. In various type of
software also You can find my works. When I am making some kind of product for particular
Synth or Daw or other stuff , my attitude is to create as much as I can from them. Someone can say: well this synth sounds bad, I am not
using it, my direction is different,- to make this synth sound interesting with proper choose of genre, creative soundesign and mix.
The same with Daws and other soft. I always am finding the right direction where particular unit should be used. Thats why You can find
so much variety of products for various software in my soundware shop.

If You will be interested, dont hestitate to contact me in any case. you are guaranteed fast response and nice, fruitfull speech.