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How to choose and when to use Limiter?


Limiter is tool for cutting the top of a peak for instance. We do want to cut it in the way that the sound is not distorted.

When to use?

-at channel for leveling peaks in audio / midi data

-at master to do the same In both situations everything is about to be more loud in general. In electronic dance music, escpecial in some more dynamic genres for instance uplifting trance, we...

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Spectrum Units


When I was learning all important things in music lot of people kept on saying:just close eyes and hear, don't watch the screen. It's ok but:

1.your years need to be trained about certain frequencies

2.also you got to have few audio speaker different sounding units,- like studio monitors, hi fi system, computer class speakers and study manual first what is the 'audio hearing spectrum grafic'-in...

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