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Ghost producing

Ghost Producing

In any occasion when you need good in quality audio/video work I Pro soundesigner Lukas Jankowski am ready for creative work. All my products and works, are done within time included in contract or in e-mail agreement, Check the options below, go for contacts tab or use this mail or contact form
Person to contact: Lukas Jankowski

For Sample/Soundware shops

Your product are not having enough good audio demos? No problem for me to create great ones, which will make your sample or synth spundsets presented very well.
Check examples at left, below or look inside particular products in shop.

Antoher great option is creating by me various type nice tutorials describing your sample packs or synth soundsets. No problem for me to create really educational and helpful tutorials in
various daws. Look at my exaple of free tutorial-my attitude is to present really interesting and quality video.

For Software producers

Your software good audio demos and tutorials, to be perceived as a really good for everydayu use. Obviously when you want to have good music and tutorial video presentations promoting yor (synths,
daw programs, samplers)etc., you look for right person for that tas! Look inside my examples at right and below. See and hear how professional they are.
I can prepare them for individual taste in every direction you want.

For Soundesigners

In every occasion, when you do think that yor audio demos are not presenting your products enough to be perceived by potential buyers as a great units, contact me, My creativity is really big and eficcient in almost
 every electronic music genre. So that is no problem for me, to create really interesting audio demos or tutorials from your (sample/synth/midi)or
other packc.

For Music Producers

My work for you can be really helpful when you are stuck and can do nothing. Browsing my products audio demos or exapmles below you can hear that creating
quality demos from 0 or almost 0 point, that is not any problem for me.

But this is not only one opportunity. When you want more quality material, than you are having right now or simply existing demos are not such good at creative/production/soundesign/mix/master level,-

then my work for you can be really desirable and helpful