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Blade Largepack Soundset

Blade Largepack Soundset

$7 $6.30

One thing that is easy to notice, is the fact that this soundset is having lot of presets:150. Considering lower price, good quality and large quantity, this Soundset is worth to buy!

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Package details

Soundset for Blade.

To open this Products You need:(FL STUDIO v9 to v12, BLADE by Rob Papen), and Freeware:(Nasty Dla, Epicverb, Loudmax)

Suitable genres

Various Trance Subgenres
Various Techno Subgenres
Various House Subgenres
Various Chillout/Ambient Subgenres
Various EDM Subgenres

'BLADE LARGEPACK' is great tool, for efficient work inside studio, using Blade synth created by Rob Papen. When You want to use Your time propertly, and be really satisfied with Your work after session, interesting and great sounding Soundset is prior thing to have. This soundset is one of them ! Why?

First of all, during  creation process soundesigner was looking for various types and timbres of sounds, choosing different genres and subgenres in demos audio presentation. Structure of audio presentation shows that each preset inside each demo is having its own space,-they all bulding great sounding demo. Listen to them,-check them out! Try free pack + look for Bonus freepacks (list below). Look also for great Daw Projects that can be found here.

One thing that is easy to notice, is the fact that this soundset is having lot of presets:150. Considering lower price, good quality and large quantity, this Soundset is worth to buy! All presets do have aproppirate prefixes for easyness of work.

Inside the pack there is also "Requirments and Info.txt' file showing You how to work with this soundset and what are the requirments. Percussion samples like kickdrum, clap some times few others in the demos, are for demonstration purposes, the are not element of pack. Download free pack and see 'preset list' file showing all names of presets inside pack. There are also free few presets presenting full product. This Soundset was done by Pro Soundesigner Lukas Jankowski in Poznan,Poland.

Soundset Categories:

Arp 17 - Single mid range arps lighter than acis sounds filling and adding texture to overall track, can be single hit and also built inside synth loop

Bass 20 - Great basis of track, some of them can be shorter some longer, having more hi freq or muffled, some are layered,- in summary great selection

Fx 29 - You can find various types of fxes, from short onehits to mid warps and long stabs and even loops

Gate 8 - Those ones can be really various,- dont think that gate can sound always the same

Lead 28 - Plenty of funtastic leads that are shocking with they sound, can be single ones or layered

Pad 17 - Nice and creamy, but also more darker and sophisticated in soundesign, some can be also almost fx ambient

Perc 4 - Single shots of various percussion types and loops giving instant track basis

Pluck 13 - Nice short lead type of sound, can have various timberes and shades, not always clean and nice

Stab 6 - Typical mid in lenght filling sounds, great for addition instead of fx sound

Download Free pack to see Jpg Screens Preseting names of all presets and Daw Projects folders.

Freeware Bonus:

Buy 5 payware products to unlock the Bonus section automaticly.

Check the bonus soundpacklist here.

Bonus Forum:

This product zone is ready to be downloaded by you. Only thing what you need to do is buy some payware product, and when You like it, give good opinion post, for example at kvr or vicontrol forums or any other.

Then mail me at: with link to your post. After that I am manually giving your account acess to this area.
You just hopping into desired product and click download. That's it!
Check the bonus soundpacklist here.


This products is Royality Free.

Edmsoundware is not responsible for any loss. You are using this product for Your own risk.

The kick drum, clap, hats in the demos are for demonstration purposes, and are not included in the soundset. Blade synth is required


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