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Tyrell N6 Hard Trance Daw Projects

Tyrell N6 Hard Trance Daw Projects

Price: $14

You'll find 10 high quality various Daws Demos Construction Kits in many HARD TRANCE styles

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Package details

Daw Projects for Fl Studio with TYRELL N6.

To open this Products You need:(FL STUDIO v11 or v20 by Image Line), and Freeware:(Tyrell N6 by U-he, Tal Dub 2,3 and Reverb 2 by Tal, Loudmax by Thomas Mundt)

Suitable genres

Hard Trance Subgenres
Anthem/Epic Trance Subgenres
Classic Trance

'TYRELL N6 HARD TRANCE' is a powerful soundpack (Daw Projects) designed to bring you the sound of HARD TRANCE for users of U-HE TYRELL N6 SYNTH. You'll find 10 high quality various Daws Demos Construction Kits in many HARD TRANCE styles such as: Classic Hard, Classic Hard, Classic Trance 98, Hamburg Hard, Strong, Hard Full On, Harder Hamburg, Melodic, Uplfting. Scroll down for more !

Main idea of this soundpack was to combine sound of FRAKFURT TRANCE and HAMBURG HARD styles with other GERMAN styles. Inspiration for me was mix of tracks of artist from past: GARY D, RESISTANCE D, KAI TRAICID, DERB, DJ DEAN, and present: XLS, COGNITION, M ZONE, RENEGADE SYSTEM, GREIDOR ALLMASTER.If You still want more, go to Soundset where those Daw Projects was used.

Inside the pack there is also "How to use.txt' file showing You how to work with this soundset in every DAW. Every Hard Trance product in EdmSoundware shop is dedicated to memory of Master and Legend: GARY D. This Soundset was done by Pro Soundesigner Lukas Jankowski in Poznan,Poland.

Daw Projects:

10 FL Studio Projects: Classic Hard, Classic Hard Trance, Classic Trance 98, Hamburg Hard Trance X2, Hard and Strong, Hard Full On Trance, Harder Hamburg Hard Trance, Melodic Hard Trance, Strong Upliter

Download Free pack to see Jpg Screens Preseting names of all presets and Daw Projects folders.

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This products is Royality Free.

Edmsoundware is not responsible for any loss. You are using this product for Your own risk.

The kick drum, clap, hats in the demos are for demonstration purposes, and are not included in the soundpack.


Fl studio 11 or 20 by Image Line - payware

Tyrell N6 by U-he - freeware

Tal Dub 2 by Tal - freeware

Tal Dub 3 by Tal - freeware

Tal Reverb 2 by Tal - freeware

Loudmax by Thomas Mundt - freeware

Samples percussion freeware - various from DAW

used various versions in 32 bits and 64 bits

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