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The seller and owner of the online store is Lukasz Jankowski.

Contact with the seller and the way of communication:
via phone; Telephone number: +48 577108221 in Poland (daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Central European Time);
by email; Email address:;

1. General Provisions

a) These Regulations set out the rules for using the online store, in particular the conditions for placing an order and changing them,
Creating and managing an account, making payments, delivering, filing complaints, and using and installing edmsoundware products
as well as other rights and obligations of the customer and the seller.
b) The condition for using the online store and the paid and free products is reading the Regulations and the Privacy Policy (link) and accepting them.

c) Regulations are part of the purchase contract concluded between buyer and seller.

d) The seller sells virtual products through the shop. The store also offers free services to each customer, electronically, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. These services are: order form, registration and login form, account and shopping cart, free products.
e) In order to be able to use the online shop, the customer must meet the following minimum technical requirements: Device with access to the Internet, an installed and updated version of a web browser, e.g. Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari with activated JavaScript and cookies, an active E -Mail account (email). Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024 × 768 pixels.
f) The customer is prohibited from providing illegal content and using the shop in a way that disrupts its operation or is inconvenient for the seller and other customers.
g) The seller guarantees the protection of the electronic transmission and the digital content through technical and organizational measures to secure them, in particular data from being taken over by unauthorized persons, also through SSL encryption, access passwords or anti-virus programs, as well as against unwanted
Software. At the same time, the seller points out that when using the Internet and electronically provided services, there is a risk of breaking into the system
ICT and customer equipment of malware, as well as unauthorized access to customer data by third parties. In order to minimize these threats, the customer should take appropriate technical security measures, e.g. use of anti-virus or client identification software.
h) Contracts are legally concluded in English and German. The buyer may not resell the product license to another person without the permission of the seller.
i) The prices shown on the website of the store are prices excluding VAT applicable in a given country and are expressed in euros or US dollars. In order to check the VAT, the customer must put the product in the shopping cart and be logged in, there the applicable VAT is charged for each country in the world (where the customer comes from).
The total order price will be calculated according to the choices made by the customer in the order form, according to the tariffs indicated therein.
The binding price is indicated in the order overview at the time of adding the product price and the VAT applicable in the respective country.
No VAT is added to products with a price of 0 EUR / USD. The sum of their values ​​is always 0.
j) Edmsoundware products are licensed royalty-free and may be used in commercial and non-commercial projects.
k) The customer and any other person using the Edmsoundware products may not sample, copy or otherwise use individual tones, presets, waveform, sound files and others to create new sample packs, synth presets or commercial or non-commercial instruments and to distribute.
l) Errors may occur in Edmsoundware products. The customer uses the Edmsoundware products at their own risk and responsibility. The provider is not responsible for any damage caused by using Edmsoundware products. At the moment of detecting an error, the customer is asked to contact us by email
All updates of products that may have bugs are free.
m) The products are intellectual property of Edmsoundware and all rights belong to Edmsoundware. You may not copy or tamper with the products, reselling is illegal. Piracy is theft, all forms of piracy will be reported to the relevant EU courts and those responsible will be held accountable.
n) These Terms of Service will continue to apply until terminated by you or Edmsoundware. If you wish to terminate them, you may do so by destroying all copies of your Licensed Products.
Edmsoundware may terminate you if you breach this Agreement. These Terms will survive any termination.
After purchase or download Daw projects, Soundsets, Midi Projects, Tutorials:

How to use:

Limit of downloads-20 times.

In general:

When You change the percussion samples always start with low volume!!!

Please always use limiter on master with -0,3 db before press play.

Always start with low volume, before pressing play.

Daw Projects and Soundsets:

Really rare it can happen that becouse of some error of
some preset, will not be loaed by some daw, then it will go default preset and full volume. That is why You need to keep the volume
low always before press play. If something like that will happen then, try reload even 5 times, if it will not
help then please contact me(Lukas Jankowski): Then I will send you preset.

Fl studio files always try to load in 32 bit version,
if not working then in 64 bit, and if not working go 5 times more, especially in Fl studio v20.
I recommend only to use 64 bit system of os.

Other daws files than fl studio, load as in description above in requirments. If it is 32 or 64bit system.

Loudmax sounds better than Fl
studio limiter. Samples used in projects comes always from free sample packs, usually from well known music production magazine or DAW. When
daw is not loading them by itself, then replace them manually with your favourite ones. Effect will be really simmillar. Always do
it with hearing, what is the level of a sound. Start from low level of volume.

You can see always in description if samples comes from daw, or third party
pack. If they comes from Daw it will load it automaticlly ,if from other freeware packs then they rather will not be loaded unless You do have them on hard drive,
and insertet into daws sample properties folder. Sometimes Daw can load other sample becouse of the same names of 2 different samples.
If daw is not loading samples, You will need to put Your favourite percussion samples manually.

Midi Files:

To open midi file you need to have some daw, and then put on the channel some synth and choose a preset for particular category.


To open tutorial file you need to have some video playback programm that runs mp4 files

Final statement

Edmsoundware is not taking any responsibility for any damages becouse of using Edmsoundware products, browsing site, preahearing demos mp3.
You agree with it when accepting the Reglations, and Privacy Policy.

2. Submission and execution of the order

a) Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, every day of the year and are processed automatically, with the exception of products from the "Bonus Forum" section.

b) Orders can be placed by customers who have the status of a registered user of the online store;
c) The customer prepares an order by placing documents in the “shopping cart”.
Successful adding will result in changing the display of the products in the order list in the shopping cart, which can be changed freely.
d) After confirming the product selection, the customer fills in the form with all the necessary information to complete the order. In order to provide a paid service, will ask the customer for additional information such as: Payment details to fulfill the order.
We store this data in our systems until the statutory retention periods expire.
e) The binding price is stated in the order summary at the time of summarizing the product price and VAT applicable in a given country.
No VAT is added to products with a price of 0 EUR / USD. The sum of their values ​​is always 0. The customer must be logged in to change the VAT for a specific country.
f) In the ordering process, the customer is able to recognize errors in the order, correct them and change them via the shop's sales system until the "Pay now" button is activated. After that, the customer can only change the order by contacting the seller.
g) By placing an order, the customer makes an offer to the seller to conclude a contract for the sale of the products that are the subject of the order.
The conclusion of the purchase contract is carried out by accepting the above offers from the seller at the time the customer pays for the order.
h) A message with order confirmation and download links will be sent to the email address provided when registering the user.

3. Registration

a) In order to open an account and obtain the status of a registered customer, you must first complete the registration procedure - create an account.
b) The customer registers using an interactive form. The customer fills out the form and follows the appropriate messages displayed
in the form when filling it out (in particular, the customer provides his real data and marked as mandatory) and then activates the button
"Create Account". By confirming the registration to the Customer's e-mail address, a contract is concluded for the provision of services by electronic means to maintain an account with the Seller for an indefinite period. The email provided during registration will receive the message 'Edmsoundware Customer Account Created', please also check spam folders. The shop collects personal data such as: first and last name, address, contact and communication data such as telephone number and e-mail address.
Registration leads to access to content and services that we only offer to registered users.
c) The customer can terminate the account management contract at any time by sending such a declaration of intent to the seller.
The termination becomes effective upon receipt by the seller. The seller can terminate the account management contract with a notice period of 7 days if the customer violates the provisions of the regulations or generally applicable law. We provide the user with information about the personal data collected about him at any time. If you express your wish, e.g. by e-mail, "Contact", we will correct or delete it on request, provided that there are no legal storage obligations to the contrary.
d) When registering, the customer enters a password, which he then uses to access the account. The customer is obliged to protect the password and must not disclose the password to third parties. The account is not transferable.

4. Implementation

a) The execution of the order begins after the payment has been made by the customer and the payment has been received by the Paypal system.
b) Order processing time is up to 5 minutes unless any of the above systems cause delays.
c) Ordering free products is done in the same way as for paid products, but the price is always 0, you don't need to own any of the following systems: Paypal.


5. Payment
a) Payment for the order is made through the following systems: Paypal. Paypal account is called:
b) The seller informs the customer about the period of 14 days in which he is obliged to pay for the order.
If the customer fails to pay within the period specified in the previous sentence,
the seller can withdraw from the contract after a previous unsuccessful request for payment by setting a reasonable deadline.
c) The prices stated in the shop are subject to change (especially as part of an advertising campaign),
with the proviso that the terms of the order to the customer who made the offer in the manner indicated above cannot be modified before the price change.


6. Delivery
a) Orders are fulfilled worldwide.
b) Orders are delivered immediately after payment by e-mail. There is no physical delivery of the products.
c) The user who paid for the order will receive a confirmation email and a link leading to the account where he can download the ordered products.
d) Shipping costs are free. The user downloads the ordered products himself.
e) A message with order confirmation and download links will be sent to the email address provided when registering the user.
If the confirmation email with download links does not reach the email used during registration, the customer must contact the seller within 14 days
In this case, if no contact is made within 14 days from the date of purchase, the order is deemed to have been delivered.
f) Remember that you need a good stable internet connection. All products over 500MB can only be downloaded three times.
So keep them on your hard drive and backup them too. All products under 500 MB have unlimited downloads.
Products available for download can be found in your account tab labeled: My Downloads (click).


8. Returns and Complaints
a) You have the right to return your purchase within 14 days and receive a full refund if you have not yet clicked the download link.

The moment you start downloading the product you lose your right to a refund and in this case Edmsoundware is not obliged to offer a refund under the EU regulations for digital deliveries.